How to share EFT fittings

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How to share EFT fittings

Post  Daevonar on Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:28 pm

To share a fitting:

Create your fitting, open the EFT folder and open the 'setups' sub folder. Use notepad, or a similar text based editor to open the .cfg file for the ship you wish to share a fit out for. Scroll down until you find the text that starts with your fitting name in [ ... ] brackets, e.g [Passive shield pve cane].

Copy the text including the name in brackets, up to the next name in brackets (which will be another fitting).

Send or post it as text.

To view a fitting in EFT:

Open EFT

If you do not already have a fitting for this type of ship create one, this will create a .cfg file within your EFT 'setups' folder (if you are a bit computer savvy you can probably create this from scratch). Close EFT.

Copy the fitting text (including the fitting name in [brackets] ) from the topic in this forum.

Open the .cfg file for the relevant ship (again using notepad, or a similar text editor).

Scroll to the bottom of the text, press enter to start a new line, and paste the text from the forum.

Re-open EFT and the ship fitting should be available to you to look at. You can then look and see what you need to train to use this ship (hint, EFT links with Evemon to create a skill training program to fly any specific fit out, but I've never done it, so don't ask me how).

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