The Storm Within and Without

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The Storm Within and Without

Post  Sophie Starsparrow on Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:07 pm

Well, as we always seem to do, the events in this corp have again mirrored the events of the wider universe around us. Normally, this is a good thing.

A day or so ago, before holes were torn in the very fabric of the universe, holes were torn through the fabric of this organization. 2 members were removed by Raven after 6 months of working with those people to solve the problem. Another 2 have left for personal reasons. Of all of these departures, one was not only undesired, but is actually a painful loss to this tribe. Further details will be available in corp mail when all our systems are back on-line, and as always, questions can be directed to Raven Council.

This could not have happened at a worse time, however, there are benefits to the timing as well. The universe around us is restructuring itself, and so must we.

One must also keep in mind that, when this tribe was founded, it had as its main goal, the example of a Matari-style governance that would spread to all Matari peoples. We have witnessed the abolishment of the parliamentary system in the Republic and a move to a more tribal system, incorporating our Nefantur and now our Thukker brothers and sisters as well as the return of the Elders. We have made amazing progress in what we set out to do. After the Hex war, we vowed to help smaller industrial corps in Matari space, and we have done this as well, behind the scenes with diplomacy and intel. We have been on the winning side of three wars. We have much to be proud of. And yet...

The old gives way to the new, when the old no longer serves its purpose.

There is no better time to restructure and refocus than now in this time of upheaval. The way has been cleared. When the dust settles, a new paradigm will emerge.

Sophie Starsparrow
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